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The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, Resolving disputes with dignity

“Kids in the Crossfire, Helping Parents Understand the Impact of Divorce” 2006
Texas Young Lawyer’s Association
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This short video is designed to emphasize the impact of parents’ behavior during and after divorce. Through dramatizations and interviews with children, parents, judges, and counselors who have been impacted by divorce or work in the family law field, the video gives parents a road map of behaviors to avoid and suggestions for improving communication and minimizing stress on children. A brochure containing helpful tips for divorcing parents accompanies the video.

TYLA Be an Uncommon Leader
Kids in the Crossfire- Helping Parents Understand the Impact of Divorce

“What to Expect in Texas Family Law Court,” 2005
Texas Young Lawyer’s Association
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This booklet provides information about Texas Family Law Court including what to expect in regard to court appearances, alternatives to court hearings, child protection cases, adoption, divorce, custody, visitation, child support, modification, enforcement remedies, a dictionary of common words used in Texas Family Court and a resource guide.

Co-Author: “Pro Se Divorce Handbook,” 2002-2003
Texas Young Lawyer’s Association
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This handbook is a reference guide for persons representing him/herself (pro se = without a lawyer) in an uncontested divorce. The handbook guides the pro se litigant through the standard divorce process with instructions, explanations and sample forms. Along with discussions about division of marital property and issues concerning children, the Pro Se Divorce Handbook provides tips on court etiquette and deadlines. Resource information is included and the reader is encouraged to consult with an attorney if complex property, custody, or domestic violence issues are involved.

Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents

Children’s Bill of Rights When Parents Are Not Together

How to Accept Things You Cannot Control

Information regarding court procedures in Collin County

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Provides free information to the public regarding the general divorce process

Helpful brochures for the public including information for senior citizens, consumers, and victims of domestic violence

Information to assist people with low and moderate incomes in finding legal resources info

Information on the local Legal Aid office in Collin County: Legal Aid of Northwest Texas

American Bar Association Public Resources.

State Bar of Texas public information.

Texas Attorney General public information

Client Resource Library

Statement of Insurance

Family Law Enforcement/Modification Client Questionnaire

Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents

Children’s Bill of Rights