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Strategic Family Law Counsel For Business Owners And Professionals

Divorce, child custody disputes and other family law matters are often complicated, and when one or both parties are business owners or professionals, things become even more challenging. Complicated assets, tax implications and a need for confidentiality are among the unique concerns in these cases.

At Albano Law, PLLC, in Plano, Texas, we are well-suited to provide skilled and strategic family law counsel focused on the needs of business owners and professionals. Christine Albano is a highly respected and accomplished attorney who is Board-Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. She draws on her extensive family law experience and knowledge that it is important to examine other areas of law such as business law, tax law, estate and business succession planning, contract law, real property law, employment law and criminal law to obtain the best possible outcomes for business owners, professionals and high net worth individuals.

Ms. Albano was selected by her peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America* 2014. She has been selected for inclusion in Texas Super Lawyers every year since 2011 and in Texas Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars from 2006 to 2010.

Protecting Your Legal And Financial Interests

If you own a business, whether it is family-owned or a venture you began prior to marriage, it is necessary to obtain a fair and accurate valuation of your business and the related assets to protect your interests in divorce. As an experienced lawyer, Ms. Albano has access to a variety of professionals, such as appraisers, forensic accountants and business valuators, whose input may be critical in your case.

In addition to skillfully handling the business valuation process, we are prepared to help you understand the most favorable potential courses of action regarding the future of your business — whether that may be determining the character of the business as community or separate property, devising a property division agreement to buy your spouse out of the business, sell or dissolve the business, structure a new post-divorce agreement with your former spouse still involved, or confirming it as your separate property.

Addressing the future of your business or professional practice is unlikely to be your only concern as a business owner or professional facing a family law dispute. As your law firm, we are also prepared to consider and advise you regarding the implications and validity of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, as well as pursue options to keep the details of your case and your protected business information confidential if that is important to you.

Schedule A Confidential Legal Consultation

To discuss your legal concerns with Ms. Albano, please contact us and schedule a confidential legal consultation. Call 972-987-0963 or send us an email today. We have offices in Plano, Frisco, Allen and McKinney.

*The Best Lawyers in America 2013. Copyright 2012 by Woodward/White, Inc., Aiken, SC