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Proving Paternity In Order To Collect Child Support Or Gain Parenting Time

Albano Law understands that issues of paternity are very sensitive in nature. Not only can results have financial repercussions, they also have emotional effects on everyone involved. Our firm takes a professional and compassionate approach to all matters involving children and your family.

Some reasons that clients come to our firm for help with legal issues surrounding paternity:

  1. A mother might want to prove paternity of her child in order to request child support payments, insurance or to set up a possession schedule.
  2. A father might want to prove himself as a legal parent in order to gain access to parenting time or visitation or even primary custody.

Whatever our clients’ desires are in proving paternity, our firm can ensure that tests are done in compliance with the court regulations. We see to it that the process of proving paternity is completed in an efficient legal manner, so that all parties involved can come to a resolution and move on with their lives.

Termination of Father’s Rights and Responsibilities Due to Mistaken Paternity

Texas recently passed Senate Bill 785, which terminates the parental relationship and financial duties of a man who has suffered mistaken paternity. According to this new law, a man, who was already legally determined to be the father of a child, will have up to one year from the time he doubts paternity to file a motion with the court. He will then undergo a paternity test. If the DNA tests exclude the man as the father, a court will terminate his parental rights and responsibilities, unless parentage was previously established due to adoption or artificial reproduction with consent. Even if paternity is terminated, a prior child support order may still remain in effect. As an experienced paternity attorney, Christine Albano can help you through the challenges of this new legal process.

McKinney Mistaken Paternity Attorney · Frisco Father’s Rights Lawyer

From offices in Frisco, Texas, Albano Law represents clients in communities throughout north Texas, including Collin County and the cities of McKinney, Allen, Plano and The Colony. Contact attorney Christine G. Albano to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Frisco paternity attorney today. Our office is conveniently located at the Northwest Corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Lebanon in the Starwood Professional Village.