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Child Support And Custody Issues Involving Special Needs Children

Issues of child custody and support during a divorce are some of the most difficult matters a couple can encounter. When there is a child with special needs involved, the situation becomes even more complex. Attorney Christine Albano provides dedicated and sympathetic representation to clients with these sensitive needs.

As with any kids involved in a divorce, the best interests of special needs children are always kept in the highest regard. Albano Law supports its clients’ desires to provide the most stable lifestyle for their children after a divorce. This involves a parent who can best care for a child in this capacity. Additional issues a custodial parent can face are the burden of doctor visits, administering medication and emotional issues. Sometimes, the needs of special children can keep the primary caregiver from working consistently.

Our firm works with you to understand your specific family situation. We devise a proposed custody and support plan together to ensure your child is taken care of and that your parental rights are upheld. We address issues of custody and who is the most capable of caring for the child, including a discussion about the possibility of increased child support to adequately provide the best life possible for your child. There are many factors a court takes into consideration when deciding custody, visitation and support for children with special needs. Christine Albano is an experienced lawyer, who has handled many cases involving special needs children, and she can advise you on your best options.

McKinney Special Needs Child Custody Attorney

From offices in Frisco, Texas, Albano Law represents clients in communities throughout north Texas, including Collin County and the cities of McKinney, Allen, Plano and The Colony. Contact attorney Christine G. Albano to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Frisco special needs child support attorney today. Our office is conveniently located at the Northwest Corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Lebanon in the Starwood Professional Village.