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Helping Parents Navigate Actions Involving Child Protective Services

Even under the best of circumstances, parenting can be difficult. If a parent is struggling with issues related to substance abuse or domestic violence, ensuring a child’s safety and well-being can be particularly challenging. In cases where there are allegations of alleged abuse or neglect, Child Protective Services (CPS) may become involved, and your child could be removed from your home and care.

At Albano Law, PLLC, we help parents who are facing investigations by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). We understand that parents who find themselves in this situation are under a tremendous amount of stress. Attorney Christine Albano will answer your questions and provide the information and options you need to advocate for your parental rights throughout your dealings with the DFPS Investigations division and CPS.

Helping Parents Fight To Keep Child Custody

If your child is removed from your home, it is very important to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can provide the advice and advocacy you need to effectively and quickly resolve the issues that may have led or contributed to your child’s removal. In most cases, DFPS and CPS strive to keep families together, with the eventual goal of returning a child to his or her parents’ care and custody. To expedite this process, you can request an adversary hearing.

At the adversary hearing, DFPS will call witnesses and experts and present evidence supporting the removal action. You will also have the opportunity to call and cross-examine witnesses and present and refute evidence. Christine Albano will help you prepare your case and be the strong legal advocate you desperately need during this confusing and emotional time.

The importance of the adversary hearing cannot be overstated as it could potentially culminate with your child either being returned to your care or being taken into custody by the state for an indefinite amount of time. In the event you lose custody of your child, Christine Albano will work to help ensure that you have the resources, help and support you need to get your child back and to provide for his or her safety and welfare.

Your Legal Advocate When Child Custody Issues Involving The State Arise

If you are a parent who is at risk of losing child custody due to a DFPS or CPS action, call our Plano law firm today at 972-987-0963 or contact us online. Our experienced and compassionate lawyer has a proven track record of helping parents protect their rights and regain custody of their children.